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Term 2

Week 1

This week we are reading ‘Room on the broom’. We learnt about rhyming words and played a rhyming game finding things that rhyme with cat. We explored pumpkins and made potions using the magic words from the story IGITY, ZIGITY, ZAGITY, ZOOM!



Week 2

Our book of the week was ‘I love animals’. We learnt about different animals and the noises that they make. We sang some action songs to help us remember such as; old McDonald had a farm and the farmers in his den. 



Week 3

On Monday we wore odd socks for anti-bulling week to show that everyone is different, special and unique. We read the book ‘Oh no George! In the story George made bad choices but then he promised to be good. We talked about how we all make mistakes sometimes but we can learn from them. On Friday we came to nursery in spots and dots to raise money for children in need. 


Week 4

This week we read the book ‘Dear Zoo!’ We learnt about all the different animals in the story. In maths we compared sizes of the animals and the containers they arrived in. On Wednesday the zoo sent us a parcel. We talked about how we will look after the animals and we wrote a letter to the zoo to say thank you. We made animal masks and painted pictures of our favourite animals.


Week 5

Our book of the week was ‘Kipper’s Birthday!’ We talked about our Birthday’s and how we celebrate. We learnt about how people celebrate birthdays in different cultures. In EAD we made party hats and birthday cards. In literacy we wrote invitations and decorated cakes with writing icing. In maths measured out ingredients to make a cake.  In DT we made jam sandwiches and ate them at our party on Friday.



Week 6

We have been reading the story ‘Stick Man’ we made stickmen using twigs, pom-poms and pipe cleaners. We talked about how we would feel if we were lost and how we can help people when they are lost. In maths we measured different sticks to see which was the longest and shortest.


Week 7

We have been reading ‘Christmas is Special’. We designed our very own  Christmas stamps and made Christmas cards.  In DT we made Christmas hats and a calendar.  We wrote letters to santa and he wrote one back. We talked about how we send letters at the post office and the postman delivers them.



Week 8

This week we read a variety of different books including ‘The Nativity, ‘Where is Father Christmas ’ and Kipper’s Christmas Eve’. On Monday we had our Christmas performance, where we sang all our songs for our parents. On Wednesday we had our class Christmas party! It was super fun with lots of party games, food and dancing!

  • “I am very happy with Leys. My daughter’s progress at this school is amazing, I think the teachers are amazing.” (Parent)
  • “I’m starting to love this school! You all have made such great progress and I urge you: Keep up the great work!” (Parent)
  • “The Leys Primary School is a happy and caring place.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils are considerate of each other’s happiness.” (OFSTED)
  • An outstanding learning environment. All the children were engaged with their learning. A very friendly staff. (Borough Adviser)
  • “Pupils behave well in lessons and are respectful and polite around the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils respond well to the high expectations of the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils enjoy learning and are rightly proud of their work.” (OFSTED)