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Unit 1 

Male rounded wide and thin shapes with their bodies

Draw rounded and spiky shapes in the air 

Move in different directions and high and low 

Travel rhythmically on feet hopping and skipping 

Develop specific spiky shapes with their bodies and take the time to practise them 

Move and freeze with control and co-ordination 

Link movements suitable to the idea 

Observe and talk about each other’s dances. 

Recognise and use a range of travelling, turning and jumping movements in relation to the dance idea 

Work in pairs in a simple follow my leader relationship 

Choose and link appropriate actions 

Recognise and respond to the changes in music 


Unit 2 

Select movement from those they practise to create their dance and understand the structure of their dance. 

Perform simple rhythmic patterns and perform them in different formations 

Talk about how they felt after dancing 

Be able to talk about the dances and why they liked them using a range of words. 

Turn jump and travel in different ways and use gesture shapes and stillness 

Copy remember and repeat simple dance phrases 

Select movements from those they practise to create a dance and understand the structure of the dance 

Work alone with guidance from the teacher to create movement ideas in response to the story 

Observe each other and themselves dancing. 


Unit 3 

Travel smoothly by rolling and sliding 

Change and vary actions understand and demonstrate the contrasting dynamic elements of heavy and light. 

Work in pairs using simple relationships and compositional ideas

Observe each other and themselves. 

Use a variety of basic travelling actions to create a dance perform the basic actions with increasing control 

Work co-operatively in small groups in different relationships 

Take the time to try different ideas and rehearse it to develop quality. 


Unit 4

Perform the basic actions with increasing control 

Choose appropriate dance actions and phrases to convey the meaning of the story 

Work co-operatively with a partner and later with others in a group to create a dance 

Watch each other’s dances and suggest ways in which they can be improved 

Rehearse their dance to perform it with quality and style.  

Remember and repeat simple actions to make up the dance idea 

Perform the basic dance actions of travelling turning gesture shape jumping and stillness 

Vary the speed direction and pathways used during the dance

Choose different movements to tell the story 

Talk about their dance and give reasons for liking it or disliking it. 

  • “I am very happy with Leys. My daughter’s progress at this school is amazing, I think the teachers are amazing.” (Parent)
  • “I’m starting to love this school! You all have made such great progress and I urge you: Keep up the great work!” (Parent)
  • “The Leys Primary School is a happy and caring place.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils are considerate of each other’s happiness.” (OFSTED)
  • An outstanding learning environment. All the children were engaged with their learning. A very friendly staff. (Borough Adviser)
  • “Pupils behave well in lessons and are respectful and polite around the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils respond well to the high expectations of the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils enjoy learning and are rightly proud of their work.” (OFSTED)