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Resilience to Achieve - Aspiration to Succeed

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Outdoor and Adventurous

To work closely with a partner

To communicate and collaborate with a partner

To identify and recall accurately objects in the right order

To work co-operatively as a team to solve a problem

To respond positively to positively to a challenge within a group situation

To widen pupil’s physical development and sensory experiences

To develop communication co-operation and timing

To encourage co-ordination and listening skills

To extend upper body strength and manipulative skills

To understand how to thumb a map and orientate a map

To relate a birds eye view to a real life setting

To create a replica from a map

To understand very simple plans

To develop the understanding of scale

To develop spatial awareness

To begin to follow a route using a map

To understand how to thumb a map and setting a map

To begin to use control point markings and starting point triangles

To work as a team to complete a simple task

To use simple logic and mathematical reasoning to solve a problem

To improve communication between team members

To practise team building

To learn by trial and error

To begin to identify map symbols and their names

To be able to recongnise map symbols on an orienteering map