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Welcome to Nursery!


This is the place where lots of learning takes place in many ways. We learn through  play.

New children are settling well; they become more confident in exploring our nursery environment.


We start at:

8:30am -11:30am (AM session)

12:30pm - 3:30pm (PM session)

Punctuality is the key to success!


A date for your calendar:

Week beginning 3rd February is the Mental Health Week and children in our nursery will be talking about being happy,  to stay healthy and to be brave in trying the new things.

In the last half term all children worked really hard to develop their social and communication skills. Have a look at our class's display 'The Tree of Kindness' to promote children's social, emotional and moral development.

              Children enjoy dressing up independently as well as helping their peers                     with the clothing's zips, buttons and Velcro fasteners.


These are the books we have read so far:


See the source image 


This half-term topic is Traditional stories and our first story was The three little pigs.



Following 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' story children enhanced their contextualised learning through talking about the different types of shops, selecting the correct cook-book for porridge making and discussing the hot VS cold concept. As a finale, they all enjoyed Goldilock's porridge taste session in class. 


Our library visits are on Fridays. Your child may borrow one book to share with their family at home.


Due to our limited resources we kindly ask parents to keep some spare clothing for your child in the nursery.

See the source image

Image result for childrens jogging bottoms



Nursery staff are there for you if you are concerned about your child's learning or just want to share about your child's experiences away from our setting. 


Home learning opportunity: 


Your child has been given a wallet containing numbers 1-10 and the Bingo game to practise numbers recognition and order as well as your child's name card to develop own name recognition: 5 min a day will take you long way!!!