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Life is a wonderful thing - vocal

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5A Orienteering

Year 5 and 6 have taken part in an orienteering experience within our school grounds. This involved looking at a map to follow a trail, having certain check points, recognising some clear reference points and locating clues. This lesson formed part of our PE curriculum of Outdoor Adventurous Activities. 

Geography Fieldwork 

As part of our local area study of human geography and physical geography, we went for a walk of our local environment to look at the human impact of our choices and how our behaviour has changed our area. We thought about the situation of some of the local amenities and considered why some made good business sense, whilst we also looked at locations that might have more than one service in one given place. 

French Compass Points 

As part of our new French unit we have started with the French compass points and played some treasure hunt games with our partner by giving directions in French to find the treasure chests!

We have conducted a Science experiment where we have been investigating Chemical Reactions. Two products mixed together to form another product is an irreversible change as a result of a chemical reaction. We mixed milk and vinegar together to create some casein plastic - a substance with a consistency similar to plasticine which we were able to mould. We also started with two liquids but the chemical reaction left us with a solid. 

Here you can see some of our final products...some of us made keyrings using paper clips, others moulded the mixture into a shape of their choice. 

Christmas Concert

Thank you to everyone who attended our performance. We hope you enjoyed it! 

Queen's Hospital Singing

We went to Queen's Hospital and sang some Christmas songs to help raise money for the hospital charities. We had buckets for  patients and visitors to drop their money in. 5A raised an incredible total of £361.14. We are so pleased to be able to help the hospital at this time. 

In between performing our songs, we met the hospital therapy dog (Zak) and a volunteer owner. the dog goes in to see patients within the hospital to bring some joy. Zak was dressed ready for Christmas in his snowman outfit! 

Dissolving Experiment

As part of our Science Day, we set up a dissolving experiment with sugar and salt as the solute, mixed with water as a solvent to create a solution. 

Separating Mixtures

We spent a long time trying to separate different mixtures of various items. What methods can you spot? We used filtering, magnets and sieving with various sized holes. 

Adding Fractions Practically 

We have used different coloured paper to add different fractions seeing how we can make wholes and therefore mixed numbers and improper fractions. 

Benin Virtual Workshop

We took part in a workshop led by Horniman Museum about Kingdom of Benin. We looked at artefacts that are kept in the museum, how replicas are made, what Benin is like today as well as having the chance to ask our expert historian any questions we had. This workshop is the finale of our AD900 unit and a culmination of all of our history learning for the past few weeks. 

Christmas Pantomime

Benin Mask Making Stage 5

Equivalent Fractions Reasoning 

We used different strips of paper and some diagrams to prove how we know these fractions are equivalent. We worked in groups to match given cards and used our reasoning skills to prove how we know our answers are correct.


Children in Need 2023

To celebrate and raise money for Children in Need 2023, we wore spots and dots as well as taking part in a special assembly to raise money and awareness!

Benin Mask Making Stage 2,3,4!



We have been using the painting of Deadline by P J Crook as a stimulus for our own compositions. As a class we copied an example one shown in our group video below and then in groups composed and performed our own interpretation of the art piece. 

Class Vocals for Deadline

Still image for this video

Our Deadline Composition Group 1

Still image for this video

Our Deadline Composition Group 2

Still image for this video

Our Deadline Composition Group 3

Still image for this video

Our Deadline Composition Group 4

Still image for this video

French Monsieur Mangetout


In French, we have been working on our listening and speaking skills. Here you can see us having listened to a French story and recreated our own version. We think this is like the French version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar! 

Max's Monsieur Mangetout

Still image for this video

Noah, Jenisha, Hizma, Louie's Monsieur Mangetout

Still image for this video

Isata, Aya, Vincent and Omar's Monsieur Mangetout

Still image for this video

Mya, Emily, Aiza, Aila and Rachel's Monsieur Mangetout

Still image for this video

Ihsan, Kyran, Louie, Solomon and Kayden's Monsieur Mangetout

Still image for this video

Marley and Alfie's Monsieur Mangetout

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5A Class Poppy Wreath

Sorting Factors in Venn Diagrams

Maths Calculation Strips

We used different colour strips of paper to visualise and understand how our answers get bigger or small based on addition and subtraction known facts. 

Choosing our media and paint brush size

We have been studying Stevie Wonder as part of our Black History Month Celebrations. Looking at the impact he had on the music industry at a young age and his later life showing his successful career spanning many decades. Take a look at the pop art we created of him through the ages. We had to make a choice from the range of media that were offered, as well as the size of paintbrush we were using to create this art, as some areas were particularly small but other areas quite large. Most of us ended up using colouring pencils, pastels and water colour paints. 

Music Composition


Look at our video under Video Resource Centre of our compositions. We had to compose our own bars of music in relation to school subjects and then work as a group to compose a longer piece of a whole week timetable - repeating bars of music when necessary. 

Benin Research

As part of our new History topic, AD 900, we have been learning about Benin and what people's lives were like in that part of Africa at that period of time. We have used a variety of primary and secondary sources to complete our own research. 

Music - Finding The Beat

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Singing in a round

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