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Week 22: This week was the last week in Spring 1 and we have tasted foods from around the World, celebrated Pancake Day and made cards for Valentines Day. We have been consolidating all our learning from the year so far. We are looking forward to the next half a year too!

Week 21: Oh my....what a week. We have been to China, America and Nigeria this week. We have learnt about the food, people and countries. When we were in China - we also explored Chinese New Year and the Chinese Zodiac before taking part in a dragon dance workshop. When we were visiting America we took part in a drama workshop and became cowboys and girls and went on an adventure to find the golden haired horse with Sheriff Billy! (Photos of both experience are included below - scroll down). We have also been consolidating our number knowledge this week by exploring number composotiona nd fact families (when 3 numbers can be swapped about in a calculation). Within this week we have also been learning about short vowels, tricky words and capital letters. Lastly, this week has been mental health week and we have been talking about how our voice matters and the importance of listening.

Week 21: Dragon Dance Workshop (Dance Days) - we enjoyed ourselves a lot. The children listened and took part very well indeed. We are extremely proud of them. Some video is included in the Video Resource Centre link (Children - scroll down and click on Video Resource Centre)

Week 21: America - Yee-Haw! workshop (Perform for Schools). Some video is included in the Video Resource Centre link (Children - scroll down and click on Video Resource Centre)

Week 20: This week we have begun to explore alternative spellings to some of our know sounds (y as ee), reinforcing our digraphs and begun to explore our knowing and writing capital letters as well as reinforcing our High Frequency Words. In Maths, we have been learning about coins - what they are used for, what they look like and coin value We have also been travelling around the world with our passports - we have been to France, Spain, India and Italy. We are very excited for next week as we are going to visit China, North America and Nigeria.

Week 18 and 19: We have been exploring same and different - thinking about and discussing our local area and key vocabulary such as landmark, town, city and countryside. We have been exploring same and different in response to people and places and within phonics we have been learning the new sounds of qu, ou, oi, ue, ar and er. We have also been learning about addition and doubles. Another fun couple of weeks.

Week 16 and 17: Happy New Year! We have resettled well into class. This week and a bit we have been revisiting all of our phonics knowledge and paid particular attention to ch sh and th as well as our high frequency and tricky words. We have experience the COLD weather and seen the frost and the snow. We have begun to explore our local area through learning about maps and using google maps to find our way home. We walked around the local area of our school, created a flat 2D map and then created our 3D map of our school. Lastly, we discussed our local landmarks and places that we go during an everyday (we remembered Romford, Asda, Tesco, the swimming pool, the library and the bowling alley).

Week 15: Christmas week - We performed our nativity - see the green splat for the year group icon. We have also completed lots of Christmassy activities and had our Christmas party. We also learnt the digraphs ch and sh. Merry Christmas and wishing us all a happy and healthy new year!

Week 14: We have had a busy week practicing our Christmas performance - we had a dress rehearsal in front of year 1. The teachers were very impressed. We have also had our school Christmas dinner (both of these groups of photographs are saved in the year group folder - green splat). We have also been exploring number to 20, making our Christmas cards and the sound oo OO , y and x. Another great week.

Week 13: This week we have been practicing hard for our School Christmas play and we decorated our classroom for the Season. We have also been learning our new letters and sound for z, w, ng and v. We wore our Christmas Jumpers on Christmas Jumper Day and have begun to investigate the numbers that make the number bonds to 5. Another busy week.

Week 12: This week we have explored the book Dear Zoo and thought about making sure we can keep animals safe and cared for. We have learnt about the digraphs ai, ie, ee and or. We have begun to rehearse our Christmas performance and watched a Christmas performance of the Snow Queen. It also has been very cold, frosty, icy and it snowed! Lastly, we have been learning about number families for the number 3 and 4 using part, part and whole.

Week 11: An exciting week where we have been introduced to our Christmas performance (our lines have gone home so that we can practice being nice and loud for our adults!) We have also explored the Savannah habitat through reading 'the Ugly Five'. We have also been learning about the phonemes f, b, ai and j and begun to apply our sounds in our reading and writing. In Maths we have been exploring 1 less in Maths. We are also very good now at zipping up our coats as the weather takes a turn for the colder.

Week 10: This week we have been busy wearing our odd socks and learning all about making a noise if we see or hear unkind things. We have also carried on our learning about Rainforests and have learnt all about the different layers of a rainforest and the animals that live there. In Maths we have investigated one more and begun to learn about number stories using + and =. We have also been exploring the letters g, o, u and l and begun to really concentrate on using our phonics to read and write CVC words. On Friday we have been busy having fun and raising money on Children in Need day. We have worn our own clothes, played games, danced and played kindly together. Another lovely week has been had by all.

Week 9: This week we have been busy with our Understanding of the World. We have learnt about and created our own fireworks, made poppies for our class wreath in preparation for Remembrance Sunday and learnt about the festival of Diwali. We have also carried on our phonic journey by learning about the letters h, r, m and d and our maths journey by learning about ordering number. Lastly, we have started to learn about rainforest animals after reading Monkey Puzzle. A busy, creative week.

Week 8: We have come back from our half term break and are ready and raring to go in with continuing our exciting learning journeys. This week we have concentrated on learning about and exploring 'Under the Sea'. We have read a story about a little fish and a big fish and a hat! We have learned what makes fish and people different and then grouped animals into sea animals and land animals. We have been exploring counting, number formation and big and little this week as well. We have also been busy recapping and remembering the letters we have been learning before continuing our phonic journey next week )we have also begun our reading journey using phonic readers with our adults). We do like school..

Week 6: This week we began our phonics journey in earnest and explored a letter a day (SATIP). We also continued to use our basic knowledge wallets in preparation for them going home next week. We investigated our class eye colours, our features and our family features, heritage and occupations during our carpet session discussions. Lastly in Maths - we were learning all about more and fewer. We cannot believe we have nearly completed a half term in Reception. It is very exciting!