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Unit 1

Hopping one foot to the same foot high and low skipping

Bouncing two feet to two feet, alternately one foot to two feet

Jumping one foot to two feet and one foot to the other

Travelling in different directions whilst hopping/skipping/bouncing/jumping

Jumping two feet to two feet showing different shapes in the air

Careful attention paid to points of landing from a jump

All these ideas should be transferred to apparatus at every stage of development with special regard for safety teaching on landing from apparatus.


Unit 2

Exploration and identification of body parts capable of taking weigh for balancing

Balancing on different combinations of small body parts

Identifying large body parts upon which to balance

Combining large and small body parts to balance upon

Partner work creating a balanced position for your partner to travel over or under

Travelling on small points of the body and large patches of the body high and low

Joining two balances together smoothly

All these ideas should be transferred to apparatus at every stage of development on/against/underneath


Unit 3

Experiment which different parts of the body can be rocked upon

Rock to stand up or rock to turn over

Rolling actions sideways curled and stretched forwards

Jump land roll different combinations

Different shaped jumps linked to different shaped rolls joining them together smoothly

All these ideas transferred to every stage to appropriate apparatus with special attention paid to jump-land-roll


Unit 4

Different stretched balance to show wide and narrow shapes

Long, narrow, wide shapes, held in balances and in different ways of travelling

Different ways of balancing and traveling in curled-up positions different rolls

Different shaped balances and travelling with emphasis upon them being close to the ground or far away from it

Jumps with feet together and apart which different shapes can be found?

Transfer all these different ideas at all stages onto appropriate apparatus