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Letter about the meeting on 20/10/21

Dear Parents/Carers,


Thank you for your responses regarding the proposed trip to Trewern for Year 6; judging by the interest, it looks like we will be able to go ahead with the residential trip. This is still assuming we meet the minimum number of children required for the trip.


We propose to run the visit from Monday 17th January to Friday 21st January 2022. The cost of this residential visit is £280 but the price per child may drop depending on the number of children who attend. Any over payment will then be reimbursed.


We will be holding a meeting in the school hall at 3:40pm on Wednesday 20th October 2021 for any adults that wish to find out more about what the trip involves. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions. If you have had a child visit Trewern with us before, it is not necessary for you to attend but you are more than welcome. This meeting will be finished by 4:30pm.


Due to Covid-19 guidance issued this week, this meeting will require certain restrictions.

  • We are only allowing one person allowed per child to attend. (Your Year 6 child may also attend with you.)
  • All adults must wear a mask.
  • Adults will be socially distanced in the school hall.
  • We would also like to advise attending adults to perform a lateral flow test before coming to the school.


Please respect these conditions as we are trying to maintain a safe environment for the school community.


If you are unable to attend for any reason then you will still be able to access the information shared at the meeting through the school website in the Trewern section found in the ‘Parents’ drop down menu. This will be available from the day after the meeting.


If you would like to book your child a place on this trip, you will need to send in a non-refundable deposit by Friday 13th November 2021.  The deposit is £50. Once your deposit is received, your child’s place will be secured and a payment card will be issued soon after. You may, if you wish, pay in instalments or pay the full amount of £280 in one go. Full payment must be made by Friday 10th December 2021.


Please complete the attached slip and return it to school to inform us if you still wish your child to go to Trewern and to let us know if someone will be attending the meeting. It can also be used to pay the £50 deposit. If we do not receive enough interest in the trip then it will have to be cancelled and ALL money shall be returned. If you are unable to attend and still have questions after reading the information that will be posted online after the meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Thank you for your support,

Mr. Parker

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