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4. Key Knowledge, Skills, Experiences & Progression


Key Knowledge, Skills and Experiences


Subject leaders, with reference to:

  • National Curriculum requirements
  • Our Core Values for outstanding teaching & learning
  • Our School Creed & Personal Development Goals

…have identified priority key knowledge, skills and experiences (KKSEs) that they will ensure are acquired, practised and used throughout each key stage.

Each subject KKSE sheet details:

  • Expectations that key subject knowledge (especially vocabulary) for each year group is acquired & used effectively
  • Priority subject generic skills which are to be practised
  • Key experiences we want our pupils to have, which take into account our community’s context and the school’s ethos of building resilience & aspiration. They are in line with our core values, (CONTEXTUALISED, Awe & wonder, Creative, Multi-sensory, Exploratory & Collaborative) and should contextualise (& make meaningful) the ‘essence’ of the subject (e.g. first hand & practical/visits/ visitors/ video stimulus / photographs / artefacts / use of specific resources & tools).


Progression Maps


Subject leaders have produced Progression Maps for their subjects, which provide knowledge & skill performance indicators for each year group. This is to ensure appropriate levels of challenge and aid a coherent sequence of learning with increasing depth in subject knowledge & skills.



These ‘KKSEs’ and Progression Maps serve as a planning reference point for teachers and as a monitoring reference point for subject leaders.