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In Geography, we aim to prioritise the following skills and experiences:

Place / Location knowledge

  1. should be able to – name, locate and describe places/locations ranging from their local area to the wider world. Children shoulddevelop understanding of -Dagenham, the UK, Europe + other Continents, Oceans, Major Rivers/Mountain Ranges/Deserts/Biomes (including terrestrial and marine).

Children should be able to demonstrate their learning – through map work, talks and presentations, diagrams, case studies, reflections on visits and through fictional/factual writing.

Human Geography

Children should be able to name and describe (using geographical vocabulary) types of settlement and land use/purposes, trade, natural resources – (energy, food, water and minerals) around the world and demonstrate this appropriately.

Children should identify seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK and know hot and cold areas around the world.

Children should experience field trips, experiments, artefacts, talks, videos, presentations, research, investigations, modelling/ art.

Physical Geography

Children should be able to demonstrate knowledge of and understanding of the forces behind climate zones, volcanoes, earthquakes, biomes, mountains, rivers and weather using videos, modelling, research, pictures, simulations, experiments.`

Geographical Skills

Children should be able to use world maps, atlases and globes

Children should be able to use compass directions

Recycling/Environmental issues – link to Science – of great importance!


Please click the links below to see what knowledge, skills and understanding are covered in each unit.