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Year 1

Welcome to Year One!!


Home Learnin


Hello Year 1!

We hope you are all safe and well at home. 

Here are some things you can be doing to keep on learning and growing during this time. 


READ, READ, READ.... Every Single Day!   


Bug Club books are available at  with your child's user name and password and the school code t6j3.  Each child's log in is at the front of their red reading record. Any queries or problems logging in please contact the school office. 

Limit Screen time where possible but use the time to talk to your children about their use of technology. Take time to do different activities together, exercise, cook,  play outside, go on walks , bake, paint pictures, play board games, watch movies, do a science experiment together, start a scrap book, read together as a family, snuggle under warm blankets and do nothing. 



We have now set up TTRockstars and Numbots  which are fun, interactive ways to learn and practice times tables, addition and subtraction. Just contact the school office for your log in details.


Most importantly have fun learning and stay safe! 


Kind regards, Mrs Hamer and Miss Fagan. 



Let the battle commence!

Year 1 Boys v Girls

From 10:30am on Tuesday 16th June until 10:30am on Tuesday 23rd June 2020 ,

there will be an online time tables battle! log in any time to compete!

(You can get your log in details by contacting the school office) 


Congratulations to the most valuable player!! 


1H v 1F

From 11:30am on Monday 18th May until 11:30am on Monday 25th May 2020 ,

there will be an online time tables battle! log in any time to compete for your class!

(You can get your log in details by contacting the school office) 


Well Done to 1F the champions of this weeks battle!

Well Done to 1H for winning the first Battle!

BBC Year 1 Lessons Online

BBC have launched daily online lessons!

They have three lessons per day with a mix of English, Maths, Science, Geography, Music and Wellbeing. 

This is a fantastic resource to use alongside the resources we have provided in our Summer 1 folder below. 

Oak National Academy Online Classroom

have a great range of interactive lessons, quizzes and activities as well as a weekly learning schedule.

Important Information


P.E. - You will need to wear your P.E kit to school on Wednesday.


Library - You will change your library book fortnightly.  Make sure you remember your book bag!


Basic Knowledge - You need to bring your basic knowledge to school EVERY day. 


Reading books - Once you have taken your AR quiz you will get a book to read.  When you have read the book and are confident you need to tell your class teacher that you are ready for your quiz.  You should aim to read EVERY day. Remember it counts as part of your homework.


Homework - You will get homework every Friday and you need to make sure it is returned to class by the following Friday.  Nobody wants to go to homework club!!!frown


Bug Club - Remember to log on and read as many books as you can at home.  The school code is t6j3.



Spring 2

Our new IPC topic is...


'What's it made of?' 


This topic involves learning about materials and their properties and becoming scientists to investigate them.  We will be looking at different materials and finding out what properties they have.  Will any materials have the same properties or will they be different? We will be contextualising our learning and making it cross curricular. A great story to read and discuss is The Three Little Pigs - which materials did they choose and why?


We will be making pancakes and talking about why Christians celebrate Shrove Tuesday and we will be thinking about the utensils (objects) we will need to make the pancakes and the materials they are made from. 


We will be finding out where different materials come from and how they can be reused.  We will be talking about recycling and practising this in class.

We would really appreciate it if you could send any recyclables from home into school to help us with this activity.


Some of the key words we will be using this term are: 


Materials Properties Scientific Words
Glass Hard Soft Investigate
Metal Transparent Opaque Observe
Plastic Heavy Light Identify
Wood Flexible Rigid Classify
Rubber Strong Weak/Delicate/Fragile  
Cotton Smooth Rough/Bumpy  


Try to use these words at home to discuss daily activities.  Have a look around you and choose objects and talk about what material they are made from and why.


We are also learning how to tell the time this half term so please encourage your child to tell you the times 'o'clock and half past at home.  You can talk about routines and times you do things.  For example, bedtime, dinnertime 'chill out' time, school time etc...


Autumn 2

Our new IPC topic is 'Treasure Island'.  Have a look at the class galleries to see us dressed as pirates...


This topic involves learning about the United Kingdom, maps and compasses.  We will be looking at some other countries around the world and talking about whether they are hot or cold and why.  Again we will be contextualising our learning and making it cross curricular. 


We will also be learning about different fruits and vegetables and how they can be part of a healthy diet.


Some of the key words we will be using this term are:


Country United Kingdom Wales Scotland Northern Island
Compass North South East West
Weather Temperature Climate Hot Cold
Healthy Seeds Pips Ingredients Peeling


Try to use these words at home to discuss daily activities.





Autumn 1

We learnt all about 'The Earth: Our Home'.  It was a science based topic that we contextualised into all areas of the curriculum.  We also learnt about ourselves and our five senses.  We learnt about living things around us - particularly different groups of animals.


Some of the key words we used in class and you can use at home are:

Mammal Reptile Amphibian
Insect Fish Bird
Carnivore Herbivore Omnivore


Why not ask parents and carers to give you a spelling test on these words?  Remember to show them the overview you were given.

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  • “Pupils enjoy learning and are rightly proud of their work.” (OFSTED)