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Dear Parent/Carer,

This is a brief note to remind you of some of the activities you can do at home to help your child during this time:


  • Excellent Home Learning Hub Timetable (inc. links) from Twinkl (3-5, 5-7 and 7-11 ages) includes link to Joe Wicks (P.E. with Joe) daily PE lesson:


  • Basic Knowledge Plastic Wallet:  This wallet contains number cards and high frequency words that will help your child’s learning.  Your child can practice these for 5 minutes a day so that they can apply them to their maths, reading and writing play and learning.
  • Guided Reading Book and Reading Journal: Read with your child each day and keep a note of books read.  You can read a selection of books from home as well as accessing Bug Club (see below).  Another resource available is at the following website (a useful reading tool)
  • Bug Club:  Children have an additional resource that the school buys into called bug club, which is for use at home.  Bug club is an online reading library geared to the level of book your child is currently reading at.  Questions are linked to each book that children answer as they read (click on the bugs in the book).  The children need to log in at home at;  with their user name and password and the school code t6j3.  Each child’s user name and log in are at the front of their reading journals.
  • A homework pack for your child to complete during this time is available from the school office or will be sent home with your child at the appropriate time.  An additional website resource is twinkl which is currently allowing free access to their resources as well as Cbeebies.
  • We have included below a number of useful websites to support you at his time.  Remember the content of these websies is not under school control.

Reception Learning:


Bug club:


Reading resource:


Twinkl (resources to print at home – search for EYFS – early years foundation stage):


Cbeebies – search for numberblocks and alphablocks:


BBC Teach (broken down into 5-7 and 7 - 11 year olds upwards).  Videos and interactive lessons mapped to curriculum areas - useful for childrens individual interests and helping to see where Reception children are aiming:


Literacy and numeracy games:


Non-screen activities from Pobble:


Home learning booklet from TTS:,584,037,589,000


As always, thank you for your understanding and help. If you have any queries then please come and see us.


Kindest regards,


Miss Lockyer and Miss Turner

Reception is an exciting and enjoyable place to learn.  Your child will take part in a range of activities across seven areas of learning.  This will allow them to explore new concepts through play, as well as through more structured activities.


Our Current Learning.

This half term,   we will be focussing on Minibeasts. and exploring stories, poems and information books like The Bad Tempered Ladybird, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Mad about Minibeasts and I Love Bugs.  We will explore how to make friends, World Book Day, writing sorry letters, creating our own minibeasts, Shrove Tuesday and investigate the life cycle of butterflies.  We will also be going on our first 'big' school trip (a visit to the Gruffalo Park) to explore the outside and our imagination. 

We continue our embedding of numbers (0-10. 11-20 and number-bonds to 5/10) alongside accumulating the understanding of our High Frequency Words - which is also helping us with a guided reading.  We are continuing our learning of letters names and sounds with a focus on reinforcing sounds we have learnt and moving onto learning sounds made up of 2 letters. Children are continuing to  apply  letter sound knowledge to writing as well as continuing to focus  writing their names, including their second name (using accurate letter formation) 


Our Previuos Learning

During Spring 1 we were learning all about Superheroes and their special powers - with an additional  focus on Chinese New Year.


We explored recycling, positional language, road safety, problem solving escaping from ice, helping our character friends solve reading clues to save our friends and doubling through exploring superhero stories such as Jim Swims, Superworm, X-Ray  Rex and Supertato.  We explored time, ordinal numbers, sequencing and food exploration through Chinese New Year. 


During Autumn Term One, our topic was:  ‘All About Me!’

We learnt and explored about ourselves and our families; how to look after each other and how to stay healthy.  Some of our activities includede; making fruit faces, drawing our families, writing how old we are and ordering house numbers.

We  also practiced recognising and ordering our numbers to 10 and beyond.  We began learning to recognise and write our first name and began our Phonic journey – learning the letter names and sounds of the alphabet.


 During Autumn Term 2 our topic was all about the changing seasons and Winter - with a focus on celebrations and festivals.


We explored Diwali and Bonfire Night as well as looking at the changes we saw in our environment as the leaves fell and the weather became chillier and the days darker.  Activities included - making a diva lamp, creating a giant firework display, exploring ice and preparing for the Reception Christmas performance.  We went on our first school trip (a local visit to a shop) to buy ingredients for a secret surprise for Parents and Carers at the end of the term.


Helping at Home.

Your child has been given;

Basic Knowledge Wallet:  which will contain numbercards and (over time) words to read and spell.  Please practice at home daily and put in their book bag daily – as we practice in school too!  A home achievement slip will be provided in the wallet so that you can let us know what fantastic things your child does at home as well.

Home Reading Journal and Book:  This book will be read in school once per week and should be read at home too – please write any reading that you do in their reading journal and sign it so we know that it has been read.  Your reading journal will also have your child’s bug club username and password, which will allow your child to access the brilliant online reading resource used by school – it provides books levelled to your child’s current reading level and asks them questions related to the book.


Keep checking the school website and Reception class pages for photos of the children learning.


Lastly,  please feel free to come and chat to Miss Lockyer or Miss Turner about your child and their learning.  Our door is always open!