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Caterpillar Update! Our caterpillars have grown bigger and bigger, they turned into chrysalis' and then became butterflies - if you look closely you can see them flying away.

The Butterfly Life Cycle! We have new visitors in our classroom - they will be staying from small caterpillar to butterfly. They came because we have been reading and learning about the 'Very Hungry Caterpillar'.

World Book Day! Today we all dressed up as our favoutie characters from stories, we listened to stories, discussed our favourites and why and then drew front covers for our favourite books. We also linked our personal development goals to the stories read.

Minibeasts - The Bad Tempered Ladybird (numberbonds to 5, adding, reading and acting out the story, ladybird homes, discussing what makes us happy and grumpy and how to be happy) and of course - SNOW!

Supertato Part 2! What a week - Jelly traps, doubling superhero food, superhero 1 less brains, superhero lairs, dances and storytelling.

Superheroes! Superworm! Digging for worms, making bins, sorting rubbish (looking after our environment), length, pencil control, Woolly worm pictures.

Capacity - helping the plants grow by exploring how many cups of water big and small containers hold inside

Children in Need - We dressed on our pyjamas today. We had a comfortable day.

Odd Sock Day - We are all unique - like our odd socks are!

Ordering by height; exploring the computer and making chairs and beds for the 3 bears.

Our First Days Exploring our New Friends, Class and Garden