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Hello Everybody!

We hope you are all keeping safe and well at home. 

We cannot wait to welcome you back to the classroom, but until then here are some things you can be doing to keep on learning and growing during this strange time. 

Google classroom

Google classroom is accessible on any device (detailed instructions of use are on the school's main page). Individual log in details have been given out however if you require them please ring the school office.

During this time, there will be daily assignments for the children to complete. We encourage parents to support their child’s online learning and to comment on their work in a comment box for each task. 

Bug Club

Bug Club books are available  with your child's user name and password and the school code t6j3.  You can get your child's log in details by calling the school office or sending me a private message on google classroom.

The books allocated are picture books, encourage your child to look at the pictures and tell you what they can see, can they tell you what they think is happening? Can they predict what will happen next? Can they tell their own story based on the pictures?

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy has wide range of online lessons to support the children’s learning in; maths, literacy, music, PSHE, and understanding of the world.

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths has some fun engaging videos and activities to meet the maths objectives, eg counting to 10 and 2D shapes.

Story Time

Reading is so important for a child’s learning, share a story with them.

Ask your child to choose what they’d like to read. They’ll feel more interested in the story if they’ve picked it out themselves. (And don’t worry if they keep returning to the same story, either!)

If you can, turn off the TV, radio and computer. It’s easier for both of you to enjoy the story without any other distractions.

Sit close together. You could encourage your child to hold the book themselves and turn the pages, too.

Take a look at the pictures. You don’t just have to read the words on the page. Maybe there’s something funny in the pictures that you can giggle about together, or perhaps your child enjoys guessing what will happen next.

Ask questions and talk about the book. Picture books can be a great way to talk through your child’s fears and worries, or to help them deal with their emotions. Give them space to talk, and ask how they feel about the situations in the story.

Have fun! There’s no right or wrong way to share a story – as long as you and your child are having fun. Don’t be afraid to act out situations or use funny voices… your little ones will love it!

  • “I am very happy with Leys. My daughter’s progress at this school is amazing, I think the teachers are amazing.” (Parent)
  • “I’m starting to love this school! You all have made such great progress and I urge you: Keep up the great work!” (Parent)
  • “The Leys Primary School is a happy and caring place.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils are considerate of each other’s happiness.” (OFSTED)
  • An outstanding learning environment. All the children were engaged with their learning. A very friendly staff. (Borough Adviser)
  • “Pupils behave well in lessons and are respectful and polite around the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils respond well to the high expectations of the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils enjoy learning and are rightly proud of their work.” (OFSTED)