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We helped to raise awareness for Mental Health by wearing yellow and taking part in World Mental Health Day.  We told jokes to make each other laugh and spoke about other ways we can comfort people.


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Sharing Aspirations Ceremony

Today we had a very special ceremony.  We all shared our aspirations with each other and placed them on our school weave display by reception to acknowledge the importance of working together.  If we all work together at school and at home your child will have all of the support they need to meet their aspirations.


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" I aspire to be a teacher to help children".

Design and Technology


We designed our own free standing structure that the zoo could send an animal in. 

First we designed our structure, thinking about what materials we would need to make it and what 3D shape would make a good container for an animal.  

Second we used our teamwork skills to work in groups to create our structure. 

Finally we evaluated our work, saying what we liked about it and what we could do to make it even better!


Dress as a pirate! 

Today we dressed as pirates to introduce our new IPC topic!

We talked about all the things we already know about pirates and islands and made a list of things we want to learn and find out about. 

We took part in lots of fun pirate activities and sang some pirate songs!


Dress as a pirate day

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