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Stoneford Garden Trip


Last half term we went to Stoneford Gardens to celebrate finishing reading our topic about 'Charlotte's Web' The children had a great time exploring the garden and we even made dream catchers!


Recycling Workshop 


We had a recycling expert come into our class today and she shared her knowledge on what we can recycle, reuse and reduce in our area, Barking and Dagenham!

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance 


The children really enjoyed learning the dragon dance during the workshop and had a really fun time dressing up as the dragon!




In Science this term we have been exploring plants and the different functions each part of the plant has. We created a model of a flower using modelling clay.

Remote Learning 



Here is a link which shows interesting videos about topics we have been practicing in our Grammar lessons. (Conjunctions and Homophones)



Please practice your timetables using 'Hit the Button' and TTRS.



Our new topic for Science will be all about plants, have a look at these cool videos about what plants need to grow!



In Geography we are exploring Biomes, have a look at these videos about what biomes are.



Can you remember the different shapes and colors in French?



In R.E. we have been exploring different Jewish festivals. Can you remember the different objects they use and the different foods they eat?

Christmas Songs 


Please help your child practice these Christmas songs ready for the Christmas Production! Thank you!smiley

Christmas Song Lyrics


In French this week we have been learning a French Finger Ryhme. Can you practice this rhyme with your family members?



In Science this week, we have been looking at muscles in our body. We had a fun lesson where we created our own moving muscles model using strips of card and split pins.


Can your child remember the key vocabulary we have been learning in our Science lessons so far?



In science we have been looking at Healthy Eating and the 5 different food groups. We had an exciting lesson where we sorted different foods into healthy and non-healthy foods. 


Can your child remember the 5 different food groups?


  • “I am very happy with Leys. My daughter’s progress at this school is amazing, I think the teachers are amazing.” (Parent)
  • “I’m starting to love this school! You all have made such great progress and I urge you: Keep up the great work!” (Parent)
  • “The Leys Primary School is a happy and caring place.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils are considerate of each other’s happiness.” (OFSTED)
  • An outstanding learning environment. All the children were engaged with their learning. A very friendly staff. (Borough Adviser)
  • “Pupils behave well in lessons and are respectful and polite around the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils respond well to the high expectations of the school.” (OFSTED)
  • “Pupils enjoy learning and are rightly proud of their work.” (OFSTED)