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English text: Ottoline and the Yellow Cat

Every child has been given the book Ottoline and the Yellow Cat to read on Bug Club.

There is a lot of work based around this book as it would have been a text we would study in depth at school. It would be very useful to have a discussion with your child about the book after each chapter to ensure they fully understand what is happening in order to complete the tasks.


Please follow these instructions.


  1. Complete the Book Cover task before reading it.
  2. Read Chapter 1. (If the text is difficult to understand then feel free to read it with them.)
  3. Complete the tasks: Ottoline’s Collection, Diary Entry, Overheard Story 1, Overheard Story 2 and Comprehension Chapter 1.
  4. Read Chapter 2.
  5. Complete the tasks: Ottoline’s Disguise and Comprehension Chapter 2.
  6. Read Chapter 3.
  7. Complete the tasks: Sentence Starters, Postcard and Comprehension Chapter 3.
  8. Read Chapter 4.
  9. Complete the tasks: Character Profile, Mr. Munroe Goes Missing and Comprehension Chapter 4.


After this, the rest of the book can be read.


Work for all children:

Work for children in Mr. Parker's maths class:
Work for children in Miss Taylor's maths class:
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