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5. Photographs of Pupils Acquiring KKSEs

Examples of Leys’ Range of Contextualised Tasks Ensuring

 KEY KNOWLEDGE is acquired, KEY SKILLS are practised & KEY EXPERIENCES happen

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Nursery MATHS KEY EXPERIENCE: “Regularly include visual stimulus in lessons when appropriate”
RECEPTION ART & DESIGN KEY SKILL: “Use a range of materials to create & improve art & design techniques”
Year 1 ENGLISH KEY KNOWLEDGE: “Acquire a wide vocabulary” KEY SKILL: “read aloud to peers & adults” KEY EXPERIENCE: “…make formal presentations”
Year 2 HISTORY KEY EXPERIENCE: “role play” KEY SKILL: “Questioning & thinking critically through empathy with events in history”
Year 3 DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY KEY KNOWLEDGE: “Explain where food comes from and the principles of healthy diet”
Year 4 SCIENCE KEY SKILL: “Pupils plan enquiries which include pupil questions, responding to initial observations”
Year 5 SCIENCE KEY SKILL: “Pupils carry out investigations with increasing accuracy in measuring with a range of apparatus & scales”
Year 6 PSHE KEY KNOWLEDGE & EXPERIENCE: “Personal Development of Respect, Cooperation & Morality” KEY SKILL: “Developing self-awareness through exploring the management of different types of change”
ART & DESIGN KEY SKILL: “Use a range of materials to create and improve techniques” ART & DESIGN AND PSHE KEY EXPERIENCE: “collaborative & cooperative creative design” HISTORY KEY SKILL: “empathy with important events & exploring secondary evidence”
COMPUTING KEY SKILL: “Use technology purposefully to create…”;  “ Strategic use of keyboard & mouse” ART & DESIGN KEY EXPERIENCE: “practical use of a variety of media”
DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY KEY EXPERIENCE: “…. ENGLISH KEY KNOWLEDGE: “Acquire a wide vocabulary & linguistic conventions” PSHE KEY EXPERIENCE: “Responsibility for personal health & wellbeing”
GEOGRAPHY KEY SKILL: “..Fieldwork to observe, measure, record & present…” GEOGRAPHY KEY KNOWLEDGE:”…knowledge of key aspects of physical & human geography…”
HISTORY KEY SKILL: “…reviewing and interpreting local primary evidence” PE KEY SKILL: “…team activities…coordination”
MATHS KEY KNOWLEDGE: properties of shape MATHS KEY EXPERIENCE: strategic use of a range of models & images to embed mathematical concepts
MUSIC KEY EXPERIENCE: “…awe & wonder through singing…” MUSIC KEY SKILL: “…listen & respond to world music (sea shanties/folk music)” GEOGRAPHY KEY EXPERIENCE: “…awe & wonder to make meaningful mapping skills (Treasure Island)
Contextualising PE Knowledge, Skills & Experiences PE KEY KNOWLEDGE – “…the importance of fair play (knowledge of rules)…” MATHS KEY EXPERIENCE: “Use hands-on materials to consolidate key concepts”
SCIENCE KEY EXPERIENCE: “first hand, outdoors, engaging stimulus GEOGRAPHY KEY EXPERIENCE: “…look after the environment…visits…”
DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY KEY SKILL: “…select from a wide range of construction materials…” SCIENCE KEY KNOWLEDGE: “habitats”
HISTORY KEY SKILL: “…examination of artefacts”. HISTORY KEY EXPERIENCE: “…exploring first hand primary evidence” D & T KEY EXPERIENCE: “…Multi-sensory experience of mechanisms”
SCIENCE & PSHE KEY EXPERIENCES: “awe & wonder first hand experiences..” to contextualise life processes & empathy/responsibility/coping with loss.
RE KEY KNOWLEGDE: “identify religions by the festivals (Practices), holy books, places of worship and religious symbols.” SCIENCE KEY SKILL: “Measuring with a range of apparatus and scales.”