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Unit 1

To travel and jump fluently and hold balanced positions demonstrating a variety of stretched and curled shapes

To receive and transfer body weight safely in different situations and create a sequence with a partner

To identify how the overall performance of a sequence can be improved

To adapt and transfer skills safely onto more complex apparatus at every stage of learning


Unit 2

To understand and identify symmetry and asymmetry

To move and balance showing specific planned shapes and variations in speed and level

To individually and in two’s be able to analyse and say why they like a sequence

To adapt and transfer learned skills onto appropriate apparatus


Unit 3

To understand, identify and use flexible and direct pathways

To travel along different pathways using appropriate movements

To construct sequences which use planned variations in speed, level and pathways

To adapt and transfer what they have learned onto appropriate apparatus


Unit 4

To understand, identify and use change of front and direction

To understand and show how to move into and from a range of travelling, jumping and turning movements with control and accuracy

To select and combine skills to create sequences showing change of front and direction

To adapt and transfer what they have learned onto apparatus

  • “I am very happy with Leys. My daughter’s progress at this school is amazing, I think the teachers are amazing.” (Parent)
  • “I’m starting to love this school! You all have made such great progress and I urge you: Keep up the great work!” (Parent)
  • “All pupils, whatever their different needs or abilities, make good progress.” (OFSTED)
  • “The school has improved considerably since its last inspection.” (OFSTED)
  • An outstanding learning environment. All the children were engaged with their learning. A very friendly staff. (Borough Adviser)
  • “Teachers have high expectations. They know what pupils can do and what they need to learn next.” (OFSTED)